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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Surprise Post!

Looking for our current challenge?  Go HERE!


I have always wondered if our followers and subscribers are really watching our "moves"... so from now on I will be testing you all.  Every now and then I will be making surprise posts like this one, and will pick a random winner for a little RAK, nothing big nothing fancy just a little something to say "thank you!".

I am in need of a few ideas for upcoming challenges.  Post a comment with an idea for a future challenge, you will have till Saturday night before I pick a winner.


Unknown said...

How about a challenge with touchable texture

Lilacanglia said...

My favourite challenge is a
'anything but a card', this gives me a challenge and I love doing things that are not cards,

Erin said...

Eat your veggies! Use a vegetable on your card.

cockney blonde said...

Decorate an envie, x

Big Mamma~ a.k.a. Mary S said...

I am an animal lover.. how about make a card showing your favorite animal and color it in. I love coloring.

Suzi Mac said...

How about a fun challenge of altering an image. ie, body of one head of another, be great to see what appeared. It also would teach you how to mask a stamp. Hugs Suzi xx

CathyC said...

how about a 'food' type challenge - either a food in general, or a specific food - e.g. chocolate, coffee, champagne & chips(that's the four basic food groups .... isn't it ;-))

Unknown said...

A project with a ball....could be any kind of ball--football, beach ball, etc.

Christina Hicks said...

How about fabric or paper that looks like fabric. Or a work card, a card that shows your job, or a job, I started to say hobby, but we know what everyones hobby is, lol.

Belz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Belz said...

how about "no bling" i love sparkles and shimmery things and I think making cards without them are a real challenge, maybe that's no fun though! Maybe limit to only one type of embellishment - only ribbons/buttons/gems/brads/etc...?

Belz xxxx

Penny said...

Think beyond the square (ie. shaped cards)

Tear it up / cut it up

jigsaw's / puzzle pieces


Fonda @Southern Scraps said...

Photo inspiration challenges are always fun or you could pick a word, like waterfall, and the challenge is to make something with what comes to mind.

Sharon said...

I would like to see a technique challenge. It seems a lot of challenges are sketches. Everyone makes the same types of cards with patterned paper, stitching, tons of flowers even if the sketch is different. If we had to do a technique like alcohol ink background,popping pastels, cracked glass, etc. that would change up things a bit. Thank you for "listening"!

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Idea, match it UP. Have both sides of the card match

scrapaddict said...

How about a no tools card...everything has to be torn or shaped by hand.

Dawn Edwards said...

Monochromatic challenges are always fun. but you could throw a twist in like create an Easter card using Halloween colors for example.

Annette Bowes said...

Hi Girls, how about out of the box cards, like an easel card, wiper card, shaped card, or stitching on your card, looking forward to seeing what wonderful challenges you come up with, there are certainly enough ideas above, have a great weekend, take careX:)

fairie said...

how about a challenge using crayola markers. people use copics,prisma, but what about crayloa.

Penny Light/Light Whimsy said...

Oh, yes, I pop over here nearly every day to look at inspiration and the list of challenges. It's one of my favorite sites that's why I keep the blinkie at the top on my sidebar. Okay, Ideas for challenges:
Outdoor scenes
In the Kitchen
Joy (whatever it is that brings you joy)
Hot, Hot, Hot
Hang It Up (clothes, telephone, forget about it, whatever that saying brings to mind).
Double Take (Book titles, Puns, Mixed Messages)
Twofers (Two cards or a card and project that go together).

Kimberley said...

My suggestion is 'no image' where either a sentiment or embellishment is the star of the card. You can find my blog here

Julie said...

I often visit for inspiration and to see all the listed challenges.
How about cupcakes or fruit.
I like the idea of having the sentiment as the main focus of a card.
No stamping at all.
Bleaching or tearing.
No cute images.

Julie W x

Anne said...

Favourite colour
Combine more than one image
Cards/projects for men
Would you consider doing a challenge where all sent their entries off to Postpals?

Cathy Spicer said...

How about a recipe based on a word?
Give me a:
P = polka dots
I = ink (2 colors, etc.)
L = liquid (can't think of a good 'l' word)
E = embellishment of your choice

I feel like a cheerleader! Hmm, maybe do love instead of liquid. LOL

Sharon said...


I thought perhaps a "Shape Recipe"
For example your card must have
1 x square, 2 x rectangles, 3 x circles and 4 x stars.

Any amount of shapes and number would work.

Sharon x

Anne said...

Hi Dalis
You can read about
Postpals here. I send cards regularly to "my" Postpal but I know other challenge blogs have asked entrants to send cards in the past, doesn't have to be a regular committment, kids love random cards too

Hope you can do this one

Lauren said...

Hi, I'm watching your "moves" lol. How about a "clean and simple" challenge (not many layers or embellishments).


Leanne said...

Well, you know what kind of challenge I like? Ones that says 'no images allowed'!! I think it is an excellent way to get crafter to think outside the box and come up with a wonderful creation, that they may not have thought of if they used images!
Great idea to do this by the way! Hope you get some good ideas!

corinna said...

How about a printer challenge....gotta use something on the card printed from your printer. I am just now learning how to do this, digi papers, images, sentiments. :D

Yes, we love you and pay attention!!

Tracey Jean said...

Challenge ideas:
1. one layer card
2. use your oldest papers
3. photo inspiration
4. monochromatic
5. metal love
my blog

FibreJunky said...

I like the idea of anything but a card. also photo inspirations can be interesting and fun.
How about one w/ no colouring. Could do one that needs twinking h20s or shimmerz or one of the other sparkly paint products (glimmering mist is another)
Use 2 differnt embossing folders
apologies for typos. wrist braces mkae it hard to type.

Christine said...

Why not use the first letters in our names. Example: Christine
C- Christmas
H - Horizontal
R - Ribbon
I - ink
S - star
T - tree
I - individual
N - new stash
E - embossing

Laetitia said...

I think I never saw a matching set of cards for a challenge: one for Mr and one for Mrs. That could be fun, and a real challenge!! (At the same time, I have no idea what I would do)

Dayna said...

Of course we are watching;) WOW what great ideas everyone has!! How about an old school challenge...let's pull out the decorative cut scissors and stickers and put away our fancy die-cutting machines:)

Alexandra Lundgren said...

I would love a challenge where we have to actually make an embellishment. Make our own flowers (not just a die cut), or a decorative tag, handmade paper, etc.

Deb Neerman said...

Don't bite your nails. If you keep squinching up your face that way, it'll freeze in that position. Eat your veggies. See? I pay attention ...


Sharon said...

Here's another technique to explore: Serendipity technique (sort of collage)
http://www.artwithoutanxiety.com/stampcamp.html. When I have done this, we also glued down scraps of left-over printed paper besides doing the inking and stamping. You can also stick to a colour theme such as all reds, blue, greens, etc, or use a sketch to follow.

Jessica Fitzgerald (aka MommaJess) said...

Well here are some ideas for you.
Make your own flowers
NO patterned paper
Stitching (real or faux)
Non-standard card such as square, round, easel, flap card, door card etc.
No frills cards
Altered images

Thats all I can think of now.

Lawren said...

I caught your moves!!!

How about a "no Pattern or designer paper" challenge.

Jill (Scrap Wench) said...

A gift card holder challenge would be great (I'm hoping to get new ideas for gift card holders). I also love Christine's idea of using the letters of our first name (of course, Jill is much shorter than Christine, so obviously not as challenging for me). Maybe choose a word related to the month, or an upcoming holiday and have us use that instead of our names.


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