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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Welcome to the first challenge for PILE IT ON! In doing challenges, I found I love to combine them into one card/project - making the most of my time. I wanted to do ALL the challenges - so starting combining them - almost like an additional hobby to my hobby!

So I contacted my friend Dalis and asked her what she thought about partnering with me to create a new challenge blog. The theory behind the blog - PILE IT ON of course!! You must combine ONE OTHER CURRENT challenge with the PILE IT ON challenge.

The first challenge for PILE IT ON is to use a NON-STAMPED SENTIMENT.

So in my usual fashion, here it is:

Here are the challenges it covers:
  • Pile It On (of course!) - Non Stamped Sentiment - this was made using the QuicKutz Chemistry alphabet.
  • Our Creative Corner - Sketch
  • If The Shoe Fits - Color combination of pink & green
  • Heart Hugs - Etsy Inspiration - Chicy Creations - My inspirational pieces is HERE.
  • Secret Crafter - Bling - besides the glitter paper for the flower and non-stamped sentiment, I used rhinestones in the corners around the flower.
  • Cute Card Thursday - Punches - The flowers is a QuicKutz Revolution die and again the non-stamped sentiment is the QuicKutz Chemistry alphabet.
And that is the first challenge for PILE IT ON. Now, you only have to use ONE other challenge, and it must be current at the time of posting. You will need to link back to that challenge in your posting. We will be choosing our TOP THREE SCOOPS each week and they will be showcased on the blog. We are hoping to be able to give prizes from time to time, so watch for those. I do believe we have a sponsor coming up, so keep your eye out over for that and below these cute little ice cream cones is Dalis's creations, as well as an ANNOUNCEMENT, so keep on reading!!


Hi ladies! It's me Dalis! I will be giving you one more sample from our 1st Challenge and I will talk about our DT Call. Are you excited or what?

Vicki already spilled the beans about our first Challenge, it is sweet and short: NON-STAMPED SENTIMENT or TITLE in my case, since I am doing a page LO. I decided to use my old (this one is not old at all) and trusty stickers. You know you have them, in every single color just like yummy sprinkles. This sticker actually had a bicycle in between the two words but I thought it was just not going to go w/ the LO so I cut the bicycle out. Yes, I am giving you permission to alter your stickers if you see it fit. :)


The challenges it covers:
PILE IT ON! Challenge Blog

We are looking for our FIRST DESIGN TEAM - three designers to help us along with the samples making Pile It On! a success. At this moment no monetary or material compensation will be available, we are working on getting sponsors for both the Design Team and for prizes.

To apply for the DT call, all you have to do is play w/us during our first 3 challenges. You don't have to do all 3 challenges, but we will love if you play with us. Then when you link your card/LO/project to the challenge post just write 'DT submission' and give us a DIRECT link to your blog post. Last day to submit your entries is June 30th, we will announce our new team on July 5th.

As a Pile It On! DT you will get access to our private yahoo group where will have access to all the challenges in advance. You are responsible for one Card/LO/Project per week that follows Pile It On! mentality. We expect from you to leave comments on our participants Sweet entries. You will be responsible for coming up w/some of the challenges, we will divide them between all of us. You will get a DT blinkie for your blog and a Pile It On! watermark siggy for your images. Your picture will be posted in the Pile It On! blog, we are proud of our TEAM! And the most important thing is for you to have fun with us! The DT term will be of 4 months, so we can rotate and have new gals jump in the fun!


Fi said...

Congrats on your first challenge - Vicki & Dalis your cards are beautiful and sooooooooooo piled on.
Here is my card.
I might be first - yippee.

Shari said...

This sounds like fun! Dt Submission. I'd love to be on your Dt Team
Here's my entry


Lesley said...

Hi Vickilyn and Dalis!! Well congrats on the new challenge blog! I am off to Pile it On right now!


PS Love your samples!!

Lesley said...

Okay Vickilyn!! I piled it on baby!!

Here's my entry

Thanks for the great challenge!!
Lesley :)

Rose said...

Let me first say THANKS for the new challenge blog!! AWESOME!!!! :D
Vickilyn and Dalis fantastic creations!
My card for the challenge is HERE

Karen Lee said...

Congrats girls!! I'm very new to making a card that fits more than one challenge. I am starting with two today. Maybe next time I will venture out a little more and maybe do 3!!! LOL!

You can see my card http://aplacetosharemystuff.blogspot.com/2009/06/super-sketchy-sunday.html.

Karen Lee said...

I don't know how to create a direct link to my card.....could someone help me!!!

hugs, Karen Lee

Made by Mandy said...

Great blog ladies, looking forward to participating in your challenges. I haven't Piled many on with this card but I have made a lovely pretty beaded dragonfly :)

Mandy's Card

Joann said...

I'm ALWAYS combining challenges, so this is completely up my alley!
here's mine:
Lazy Days

scrappin{jewlz} said...

Oh, this challenge is soooo up my alley!

Here's my card - I used 8 challenges, plus a stitching "incentive" from a message board I am on..

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new blog! I am so glad I found you! I love to combine challenges! This is so wonderful! Here is my LO.
DT subbmission please.

Thanks for looking!

Maz said...

Congratulations on your new venture, I love combining challenges so I think this will be a great blog to follow. Dt subbmission for me please, I would love to be a part of this.

Only managed to combine 4 for this card

Hope you like it

Devon said...

I just found y'all tonight, but I've got a brand new card that fits this challenge and the CPS 119 challenge. I added you to my blog roll and will be checking on a regular basis! Great idea!


I don't know how to make a "hot" link in a comment box, so if someone wants to teach me, that would be great! :)

Annie said...

oh wow what a fun idea - love it!!

Ann xxx

Lilacanglia said...

I am so glad I have found your blog, and can join in right from the beginning,
Thanks for looking,
Would love to be considered for the DT.

chiara_francy said...

my card
grazie e congratulazioni

meganklauer said...

Great layout! Thanks for playing along with The Story Matters!

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Love both of your creations. I would love to apply for DT.

I combined with the Monday challenge fun frilled to make something that reminds you of summer.
Thanks for the Challenge
Stephanie Muzzulin

raindropecho said...

Hello! Great challenge, I don't think I've ever done a "non-stamped sentiment" challenge before!

Here's my card for the week, which is also for the DT submission. Thanks!

Sophia said...

wow! Congrats on the start-up of a new venture! Sounds like fun!

That's is sure a fun layout for your favourite Summer Memory! Love the handmade flower/sun

Thanks for playing along with us over at The Story Matters

Deb said...

I had fun with this challenge and managed to use two other challenges besides yours. One of my challenges (Winter Wonderland) is a link that I didn't see on your site, so be sure to visit my blog to capture it.


Deb said...

Oops - forgot to directly link in my last post.

Here's the link.

Unknown said...

This is a GREAT idea...LOVE it! here is my very first submission!

Janice said...

This is wonderful and please consider this my DT application. I would love to be a part of this new venture. My card is HERE

Jennifer Meyer said...

Great samples and what a wonderful blog idea! Jennifer :)

Annie said...

I just think your idea of 'many' challenges is so fun. I actually have the sites that demand 'only for them' banned from my blog.
This is just great.
Ann xxx

Misty Miller said...

Love your blog!! This is my kind of thing. I love combining challenges.

Here's my layout (DT submission) http://misty-snowlady.blogspot.com/2009/06/potty-training.html

Maria Matter said...

Oh, what fun! Thanks ladies!
... Joyful Stamper: Just for Dad!
Blessings, Maria

Linda . J said...

Congratulations Vicki and Dalis Fantastic job on your new blog, love it. Have posted your blink. well thats if I can get the darn thing to work lol.
Hugs Linda Pinklilac

Deb said...

Hope it is okay that I also post a second card this week.
Here it is.

Luisa said...

When are the challenges due. I am guessing that if they are weekly posted on Sunday they will be due on Saturday/Sunday?
Just want to be sure.

Ginny said...

this blog is right up my alley...I LOVE combining challenges I even have a whiteboard of current challenges to make it easier to see which I can combine..was just talking to my friend about how to find out what the record is... I've done tons of 2/3/4s and even a 6 but my record is 13...I'll be back!!!!

Angela said...

Great layout!! Thanks for playing along this month at www.thestorymatters.blogspot.com!!!

NWFlamingo said...

This was a lot of FUN! Here is my link (DT Submission).


mica said...

Love the concept!! My page for the first challenge is on my blog.


Ginny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginny said...

I'm back with my card for the challenge made by combining 12 challenges..would also like to be considered for the DT, thanks :0)

just posted on my blog

Karen Lee:- to post a hyperlink simply type name...where I have typed the words your link that is the link from your blog and name is where you right..my blog..or something similar..hope that explains it ok :0)

Ginny said...

sorry it keeps giving me error messages and trying to make a hyperlink, I'll try thru your blog :0)

Made by Mandy said...

Just seen your post about being able to enter as many times as you like so here is my second card :)

Mandy's Card

Lauren said...

This is a great idea for a challenge blog - I love doing multiple challenges with one card. I did eight! challenges with this card.

Here's Mine

I would love to be considered for your design team.


Made by Mandy said...

Hope you won't be fed up of me but here's a 3rd :)

Mandy's Card

C. Sage Deerborn said...

You can see my card for this challenge here on my blog: Paper Crafts, Pass It On.

Joann said...

Here's another one from me:

Anonymous said...

Great new blog! DT submission please.

Here's my card


Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Congrats on the new challenge blog :)
I always try to combine my challenges! There are so many to try ;)
Here's my DT submission...


Thanx!!! :*) margie

NWFlamingo said...

This is addictive. Here is what I came up with today(DT Submission):


Lauren said...

Here's another card for 4 challenges

Check it out

I would like to be considered for the design team.


Maz said...

Ok so I love this challenge! Here is my second entry
are we allowed to enter more than once?

Lilacanglia said...

I am back with another entry, as I really love how this card has come out,
you can see it HERE ON MY BLOG
Thanks for looking,

Vickilyn said...

I did another card that works for this challenge - so I figured I would test the URL thingie! LOL

Bear with me.....

Hopefully it worked....

Co-Owner Pile It On! (I am obviously not the computer whiz of the two of us!)

Shari said...

My Blog

Fancy Card / Tag For giving away homemade Bread.

Lauren said...

Are you tired of me yet? Here's my third card for Pile it On I really love your blog and would love to be a design team member!

Thanks for looking!

Shari said...

I forgot to add"DT submission on my post Tow post before this one. Thanks Shari

raindropecho said...

Another entry! This one only has 5 challenges piled on, and that was easy since 3 were of summer, lol. Again, this is for DT submission, thanks!
Here's my card

Anonymous said...

you see vicki it works... :P

-- dalis

Anonymous said...

So pleased I found you!
Here's my entry Thanks for looking
Ann x

Terry @ Krazy's Place said...

Woo Hoo!! Fun new challenge blog! I Love it! I love to *Pile it on* my cards as often as I can! My card for your very first challenge is on my blog

Shari said...

Altered Gift Box, Dt submission

raindropecho said...

Sorry girls, here's another one! This is just such a fun challenge :D For DT submission, also.

Third card

Joann said...

and another from me. I believe this is #3 already :) for DT submission as well.
Thanks Mrs. DS

Okispice said...

Here is my entry. I used a sketch from a current challenge over at Scrap In Japan and of course, the no stamped title.
I sure hope I did this right!

Okispice said...

Mine did not come out right. So am I supposed to put the < etc around my URL? is that how it works?

Okispice said...

Ok. I think I got it. Money Laundering

cr8iveme said...

What a fun challenge. This is my card.

DT Submission
cr8ive M.E.

Erin... said...

This is such a GREAT idea!! There's nothing I like more than a "one card 7 challenges" card!! here's mine I only did 4 challenges for this one. I'd love to be on the DT!!

Chris said...

Here is my layout for your challenge! I got 4 challenges on it, including this one! I'd love for this to be considered as a DT submission as well.

Denise said...

Congrats! on your new blog challenge.

Here's my card

Nikki said...

Great Challenge site just found it was fun to play
Here is my card

Thanks for looking
Nikki C

Chrissie said...

What a numbskull, I out my link on the wrong posting! I'll try again! My card is here

Sandra said...

Wow what a fabulous Challenge blog. I love combining challenges so I'm sure I'll be back for lots of inspiration.
Here’s mine.
So pleased I'm joining in with week one.
Sandra x

feli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
feli said...

DT Submission
I'm so glad i found this blog! especially when i love to pile it on! :) Here's my take for the 1st challenge..

Shari said...

Another card

by. Amy Schultz said...

I figured it out! Thanks for your help guys! You can check out my card HERE and I could love for it to be considered a DT Submission :)

Thanks for the fun challenge!

Miss Jaster said...

What a fun challenge blog! I find myself doing this a lot anyway! :) I'll definately be playing along!

Heidi said...

what a fun challenge site!!! can't wait!!


and this is a DT submission! :)

Gloria Stengel said...

Here is my card. This was fun!

Click Here

Girlsinthecraft said...

Loved this challenge. Thanks for this new challenge blog ladies!

here is mine

Maria Matter said...

I think I have about 10 combined on this one!
... Joyful Stamper: Sympathy Card
Blessings, Maria

Made by Mandy said...

Hi' it's me again with another card that fits in with this challenge :)

Mandy's Card

Looks like your 1st challenge has been a great success and you have had loads of entries. Congratulations xxx

Linda . J said...

Hi Enjoyed your first challenge.Hope this works.

Mine is here

Hugs Linda

Rose said...

Made another card that fits the challenge :-) HERE
so glad you posted that we can add more than one card as i don't like the first one i added here.

Irit Shalom said...


Unknown said...

I managed to combine 6 different challenges for your first challenge and I loved it!!!! Here is where my card is http://thegypsycart.blogspot.com/2009/06/365-cards-105-sing-along-saturday-plus.html
DT Submission please. . .this is a goal of mine to be on a design team.
Many thanks
Michelle M

Girlsinthecraft said...

Here's another go at it. Might as well go for the DT submission as well :)

Here is my entry

Linda said...

What great fun!!! I was able to combine 5 blog challenges on this one card. I would like to submit this for DT submission.
Here’s my card.

Lesley said...

I decided to play one more time...my cricut is finally up and running again!!

Here's my entry

Lesley :)

Unknown said...

Love your creations and your challenge. It's amazing how many entries you have for being brand new. This is a big one for me, 13 challenges in one project. Check it out. Here is mine

Tanya said...

WHat a great idea for a challenge blog!!!

Here's my DT submission:

Hazel said...

Please forgive me for being so late with this, but I've only just found you. My card for this challenge is here x

Alecia Wolfford said...

Here's mine (late I know, but still wanted to do it!), and HOW FUN!!

And HEY DALIS... long time no see girl. THANKS for the head's up on the new blog!!

Can this count towards a Design Team Submission too? Thanks!!


Timi O. Mercado said...

Just found this blog. I know this is quite late but just the same I'd like to share what I did for Challenge #1:


DT Submission

Timi O. Mercado

Luisa said...

I wasn't sure of when this was due. This is my take on the first challenge.
The challenges I used are:
Pile it on Challenge #1 (of course)
Sketch #23 from http://52sketches52weeks.ning.com
Loving the Bling challenge from http://scrapthat.ning.com
Working on challenge #2 now.

Luisa said...

The link to my submission is:



Shauna K said...

So I know this is way after the fact, but I finally just found this blog (noticed a lot of people mentioning it, but none with links!), anyways read the DT call, so I created this card to join in on Challenge #1, even though it's way late. So, anyways, hehe, HERE it is :) The other challenge I combined it with is currently current :)

Deanna said...

A "Little Birdie" emailed me about your new challenge blog so I thought I would play...



Crystal said...

I am soooo happy I found your challenge site as I just love it! Here is my submission for your DT - it is actually the layout since the card had a stamped image on it and is for two other challenge sites. Hope you like it and thanks for having such an amazing site! Can't wait to play for the rest of the challenges too!!


Sammye Jo said...

I just found your blog and I hope it isn't too late to through my hat into the race fr DT! My blog is www.62cards.blogspot.com and my personal gallery can be found at www.62cards.com/personalgallery.html

I am glad I did find this in time to join in this week!!! Thanks!!

Sammye Jo said...

It's me again! Again, I realize this challenge is over, but since I din' find your blog until Challenge 3, I wanted to play catch up so I could be eligible for the Design Team! Thanks so much! http://62cards.blogspot.com/2009/06/ready-for-new-challenge-now.html


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