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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A couple of questions answered....

There have been a couple of questions asked, so I would love to give everybody answers:

1. You can post as many times as you want! Just make sure at the time/day of posting, all your challenges are current.

2. Challenges run from Sunday at post time until Saturday night. We will pick the top three scoops on Sunday morning.

3. Please make sure you link the other challenges on your blog/post so we can go check out the challenges.

4. You do not have to use the challenges listed on our side bar. You can use any challenges you find. If we see something that's not listed, we will try to post it. If you see something that's not listed, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will be more than happy to get it onto the side bar.

5. You creations do not have to be cards! We would love to see your scrapbook pages and altered items as well!

6. ***ETA*** - When we say direct link - if you can use a hyperlink GREAT!! But we understand that not everybody knows how to do this, myself included. We will try to get some directions for you. But - as long as your URL bring us directly to your card - that's fine. We just don't want you to give us a general link to your blog where we would have to search through your whole blog in order to find the card.

UPDATED: Here is how you make a HOT link when leaving your comments! I have added this piece of information to the comment box. So every time you are going to leave us a link it is right there for you to see! -- dalis


7. How to add a widget or blinkie to your blog:

Right click on the blinkie/widget and do Save as into your computer.
1. Login to your Blogspot account.
2. Go to your "Dashboard" and click "Layout"
3. Click on the "Page elements" tab.
4. Click "ADD A GADGET", select "Picture" (it has a little tree image)
5. Now Fill up the information; you can leave almost everything , but we would love if you put the LINK: as http://pileitonchallenge.blogspot.com this will make your image link to our site directly. Then hit the "choose file" button and select the image you save on your computer.
6. Then hit save button
7. Now you are back into the "Page Elements" tab. Now you can drag and drop that TEXT widget to whichever place you want or leave it there where it is.


Ladies, we understand that you are having issues w/ the blinkie... I will put a new set of instructions tomorrow. What is going on is that the image is being save in the wrong format, some browsers on PCs will do that. But do not worry I got you ladies covered!

Thanks again to all of you that have been participating!! We are really enjoying seeing everybody's creations! And remember to note if you are applying for the DT. The DT call will go on until June 30th!


Girlsinthecraft said...

If you go to The Next Level challene blog they explain very well hot to do a 'hot' link in their 'hints and tips' section. I just learned it myself.................deanna


Lauren said...

I would love to become a member of your design team.

Joann said...

thanks for this - I was wondering if I could enter more than once.
If you go the next level challenge blog, they have instructions to enter a hyper link. I had never known how before.

Vickilyn said...

I am checking to see if this little thing is going to work for me!

this is a test

Elizabeth Pujalka said...

Thanks for the info about creating a hyperlink! I didn´t know it...

~Tammy~ said...

Super Duper site ladies! Love it and can't wait to play!

NWFlamingo said...

Thanks so much for the clear directions on how to make a hot link. I used it in my blog today and it worked. Just goes to show you can teach an old bird new tricks.

Tracy said...

Hi, could you please tell me how to get the widget? I seem to be having problems :) thanks!

Chrissie said...

There's nothing I like better than combining challenges. Thanks for the opportunity!

You can find my card here

Ginny said...

i cant get the cute flashing widget either, just comes up as a cone?

Tracy said...

I am the same with the wiget....it only comes up as a cone too. Would really appreciate some help :) I saved it as a picture file.

Ginny said...

thanks Dalis for your comment, yes it is saving as a .GIF file :0)

Heidi said...

Another (DT) submission!


Heidi Stock

Timi O. Mercado said...

Just found your challenge blog. here's my take on Challenge #2 to use at least two ribbons:

My Serious Guy

This is for A Peek Into Yesterday's monthly challenge.

DT Submission

Timi Mercado

Okispice said...

Thanks Buffy, for your sweet comment. I would love to have you put my tutorial on the Pile It on Blog! Please let me know if there is something i need to do for this.


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